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Better on Buzz

Agilix thrives on its integrated partnerships with industry leaders and innovators in learning, curriculum, and technology. Here’s what a few have to say about Buzz.


“Professional development for teachers and school leaders should embody the same virtues of personalization and engagement that we believe in for our students. I’m delighted to be using Buzz to enable trainers to deliver learner-centered professional development on blended learning.”

– Heather Staker President, Ready to Blend, Adjunct Faculty Clayton Christensen Institute

“Our partnership with Agilix is a critical strategy to meet the evolving needs of districts and schools to help prepare all students for college and career. This customized version of Echo built on top of the highly acclaimed Buzz learning solution enables us to provide a powerful platform that enables teacher collaboration and powerful student learning.”

– Tim Presiado COO, New Tech Network (NTN)


“Buzz… [is one of] the best examples of platforms that support an individualized course of study, combining digital content and projects.”

– Tom Vander Ark CEO, GettingSmart, former Executive Director, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“[Our] partnership with Agilix has transformed our organization’s professional development practice.

“Through the use of Buzz, we now provide a blended approach to preparing teachers that is individualized, performance-based, and tailored to the unique needs of our school design teams.

“This novel approach to professional development … puts the teacher at the center of their own learning and models the necessary personalized learning practices for teachers to authentically prepare their students for the 21st century.”

– Ramona Trevino Senior Director, District and School Design, Center for Collaborative Education, Boston, MA

Our Partners

Accelerate Education

Accelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade to meet the needs of all students, from at-risk students who had trouble succeeding in the traditional classroom to high achieving students seeking classes their schools cannot provide for them.

Arts Anywhere

The mission of ArtsAnywhere is to provide a rewarding, educational experience with the arts for any student in any type of learning environment. ArtsAnywhere works in any classroom. Created by a team with decades of experience in education and curriculum design, ArtsAnywhere is motivated by the belief that affordable arts education should be available to any student, anywhere.

Bright Thinker

Starting in 2015, Bright Thinker Learning curriculum was developed in both paper and digital forms to serve the most challenging students in 3rd – 12th grades. Today, with 24 of the top 30 AEA Charter schools in Texas, Bright Thinker is a proven leader in student success.

BYU Independent Study

The BYU Independent Study High School Program is designed to help students who are interested in completing their high school studies through our structured online program. BYU Independent Study offers three different four-year high school programs: a Standard Program, an Advanced Program, and an Adult Diploma Program.

Carone Learning

Carone Learning is the country’s leading provider of online health, PE, elective, and career courses for elementary, middle, and high school students with over 50,000 students who agree. Our success comes from our engaging student-centric curriculum that focuses on improving the foundational understanding of health and fitness, expanding knowledge of healthy lifestyle concepts, and helping students explore career pathways in the health sciences and fitness industries.

Core Learning Ltd.

Core Learning Ltd. is an educational publisher of digital curriculum products and online learning applications. Based in Toronto, Canada and Philadelphia, USA, Core Learning provides comprehensive outcomes-oriented educational technology solutions for the K-12 market. Its learning solutions include support and management of one-to-one computer adoption programs as well as STEM, after school, and GATE programs.

Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges wants to ensure that everyone can learn from works of art through two innovative online courses. We are training high school teachers so they can teach the courses, as well as offering the courses to the general public.

DHS Group

With roots extending back to 1997, DHS Group simplifies the data behind healthcare, creating actionable solutions, engagement tools, and resources that elevate population health. To do so, we rely on our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary health experts who collaborate closely with our client base.


Founded in innovation, we are committed to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. We accomplish this by providing the tools and support to make it easier to individualize learning for every student. But we know that trust is earned over time, not overnight. That’s why we’re committed to building meaningful, effective, and long term partnerships. We share your passion and your goals. Together, let’s empower futures, one student at a time.

eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning is one of North America’s largest providers of high school, career, and elective courses with over 80 specialized, high-interest courses rarely found in other catalogs, from Forensic Science to Culinary Arts, American Sign Language to Game Design, and everywhere in between. Our personalized learning system encourages students to take increased ownership in their overall learning experience and allows them the opportunity to study subjects and career options that appeal specifically to them.

Florida Virtual School

FLVS Global offers Kindergarten through 12th grade online course solutions to support your students’ virtual and blended learning needs. Our depth of experience, rigorous curriculum, and flexible implementation options provide solutions to engage students, personalize instruction, and prepare learners for success in the 21st century learning environment. FLVS digital curriculum helps schools and districts increase their offerings for both classroom and blended learning environments offering over 150 fully online courses in core, electives, and CTE. Discover new and exciting options—including UC A-G and NCAA-approved core courses—from an award-winning, international leader in digital learning. Plus, see how teachers and administrators can benefit from our extensive professional development and training options.

FYI Online Learning

FYI Online’s unique course design is based on research on the millennial learner; their Internet behaviors, interests and habits, and trends related to online education. The result is a catalog of interactive online courses that provides constant opportunities for learners to engage in critical and abstract thought; creates community through Web 2.0 tools such as page-level blogging, course-wide wikis, and discussion opportunities; and provides teachers with the ability to customize content for their unique student populations.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Building a Better Future One Learner at a Time
HMH provides their online GED curriculum on Agilix, empowering learners to master concepts and skills that are essential for success in college and/or the workplace. Whether a program emphasizes review of basic literacy and math skills, test preparation for high school credentials, college readiness, or workplace skills, HMH provides a solution that fits.

Illuminate Education

Data and Assessments (DnA) from Illuminate Education is an online assessment, data analysis and visualization product for formative, interim and benchmark assessments.  DnA can be used as an external tool within Buzz LMS to create a seamless experience for teachers who are assigning assessments, students who are taking assessments and grade passback to the Buzz gradebook.

Khan Academy

Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Lincoln Learning

Lincoln Learning is a non-profit educational foundation, dedicated to creating best-in-class, personalized-learning-based curricula for all ages. After deploying their content on one of the biggest LMSes on the market and finding the experience lacking, Lincoln turned to Buzz. Read the case study here.

The Case Study

Mawi Learning

Mawi Learning’s mission is to drive academic growth and student wellbeing through the application of Social Emotional Learning.

Mawi Learning founder, Mawi Asgedom, is an author, speaker, and youth leadership advocate. A former refugee, he escaped the violence in his native Ethiopia to eventually make his way to the US where he graduated from Harvard. Now Asgedom trains young people (and Harvard School of Education Students) in leadership through his Mawi Learning initiative. Mawi Learning has chosen Buzz as the premiere tool for bringing Asgedom’s revolutionary curriculum to life.

McRuffy Press

McRuffy Press LLC, a long-time publisher of traditional curriculum, has partnered with Agilix Buzz to bring a new level of learning for the elementary grades. With new digital courses and options with paper curriculum, McRuffy Press offers solutions for off-line only, on-line only, and blended learning.

Montage Education

Montage, an arts and STEM curriculum expert, chose Buzz as the perfect delivery system for their cutting edge learning materials.

National Geographic

At National Geographic, we believe in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to change the world.

New Tech Network

New Tech Network, a national non-profit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive school change. NTN works closely with nearly 200 districts and schools to create innovative learning environments. Through a proven school model, a personalized project-based learning platform (Echo), and powerful professional development, NTN coaches schools toward lasting change and ongoing improvement. After intensive research, NTN selected Buzz to power their platform and believes that, together, we can create a nation proud of its public schools.


NROC collaborates with secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators to deliver courses and tools that address the challenges students face today.


OpenEd drives blended learning with standards-aligned K-12 resources, tailored for each student based on assessment results.

Pointful Education

Pointful Education creates and publishes online high school curriculum on emerging technologies and future-focused careers. Through our elective courses, we seek to bridge the skills gap earlier in a student’s life, preparing them for careers that may not even exist today through exposure to innovative topics. Students learn the details­ behind ­new technologies, their applications and potential impact on society. Our courses also feature content on career possibilities to give students further direction to pursue their passions.


Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

Responsive Ed

This unique network of schools and districts asked Agilix to help integrate their STEM and classical curricula into a coherent, student-driven technology package.

School Pathways, LLC

Personalized Learning for All Students!

School Pathways Student Information System takes Personalized Learning to the next dimension. Merging with the power of Agilix’ Buzz LMS gives schools SSO capabilities and the ability to bridge assignment–level-detail, time-on-task and grades daily into the SIS and Student Portal providing a gateway to educational success! This deep level integration is truly unique to this dynamic partnership.

Spider Learning, Inc

Spider Learning, Inc. is an educational technology company and curriculum provider dedicated to empowering our partners to achieve success through sustainable change within their learning environments. We do this through our online courses, consulting services, content development, and professional development. The support and expertise that we provide is invaluable to meeting the challenges of building a program that addresses the unique needs of your students.


As a creative innovator and leader in education, StrongMind exists to make a meaningful difference  in the lives of students and teachers, challenging the status quo to find effective and engaging solutions to better meet the educational needs of everyone in the classroom. StrongMind helps U.S. secondary schools democratize education with state-of-the-art courseware that includes a rigorous and engaging digital curriculum for grades 6-12, leading edge assessments, and advanced reporting and analytics, as part of a fully integrated solution. For schools committed to offering the highest quality in digital learning, StrongMind will help you achieve the best outcomes for students and families.

Symphony Math

A web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface, Symphony Math® helps students understand at a conceptual level. Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their own speed and learn how math works.

Village Virtual

Village Virtual believes that future-ready students (1) have voice and choice in when, what, and how they learn; (2) explore their gifts as part of their K-12 experience; and (3) graduate with skill sets that allow them to thrive in our highly-competitive digital world. With more than 250 courses across all grade levels, Village Virtual partners with schools & districts to offer flexible solutions that support student growth toward college and career readiness at every stage of learning.


A Complete Online Math Solution
Deliver assessments. Personalize lesson plans. Engage students with adaptive content.

Zia Learning

Zia Learning prepares teachers to make the shift from direct whole group instruction to facilitated personalized learning, provides students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century classroom, and empowers schools to engage learners by providing high quality interactive digital content.