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Michael Simpson is an internationally sought after executive coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and distinguished author who has published seven books and several whitepapers in the areas of coaching, leadership and management development, change management, and organizational behavior.

Michael started using Dawn to expand his reach and serve more clients more effectively and with less travel. Now, with the complications of coronavirus, Michael depends on Dawn for his entire coaching business.

- Michael Simpson, Coach and Author of Powerful Leadership through Coaching

This is super easy for this audience to get … It's all about giving these students an additional opportunity and making it convenient for them.

John Struchynski Technical Director of the NDCDE

It's been very positive ... It's working well ... It's easy to sign up … They're able to navigate it easily.

Kelli Odden Associate Professor of Education, Mayville State University

Out of all the online training I have done in the last year, I think these courses have been the best yet!! Nothing bad to say.

Student in early childhood education Dawn course

Using Dawn, Michael provides his clients with the most engaging social learning experience wrapped in the most convenient and easy-to-use tool.


Mobile-first design allows for bite-sized video content on- and offline. Your learners control place, pace, time, and device!

Clean, easy interface

The clean, intuitive user experience and navigation makes the tool easy for everyone to use, and notifications help keep your learners engaged and connected while on the go.

Social learning, community, and cohorts

Collaboration tools support social learning. Your learners can engage with each other at any time using chat, rate, and comment tools. Course authors and coaches interact with individuals, and create and interact with learner groups. Learners continue interacting beyond courses to further enhance their skills and build a thriving learning community.

Ask A Coach/Coach Dashboard

The "Ask A Coach" feature enables your learners to get additional guidance from coaches who care. Coaches answer questions, review projects before submission, and offer feedback. The Coach Dashboard gives access to mastery progress data, so Coaches can see who needs additional help and provide guidance to individuals and groups

Quality courses and content

Consolidate your courses, content, and additional learning materials in one convenient tool where you can keep it current, and your learners can always find and use it.

Progress tracking and certifications

Tracking, reports, Google Analytics, and certifications keep you, your coaches, and your learners engaged. Use reports and mastery data to identify leaners who need additional help.

Interactions and checks for understanding

Discussion questions and interactions create opportunities for focused, facilitated exploration. Provide downloadable materials for supplemental learning and application.


Projects promote the demonstration of mastery through real-world application. Your learners submit projects with videos, documents, images, etc, and provide descriptions for teachers, coaches, and peers.


Free to sign up and start building!

Build one course and enroll up to ten users for testing. Pay only when you start selling content with our pay-as-you-grow plan!

Set your own prices, and you pay only:

$5 per enrollment
$20 per schedulable coach/month
$1 per GB/month for storage with two or more courses


Start your own mobile coaching, certification, and learning community with Dawn, and power your business with:

Learn how to build successful Dawn courses!

This mini course will help you focus your efforts and help you decide the major pieces you will include in your course.

This mini course will help you focus your efforts and help you decide the major pieces you will include in your course.

This mini-course will walk you through the process of developing your course in Dawn.

This mini course will help you price your course and prepare it for launch.

Learn how the North Dakota State Departments of Public Instruction and Human Services and North Dakota Center for Distance Education are using Dawn to transform early childhood education PD!

"Dawn enabled us to make something convenient and simple to use, and still allows for us to interact, work with one another, and grow professionally."

- Kelli Odden, Associate Professor of Education, Mayville State University

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