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What is Dawn Academy?

The future of Teacher PD is almost here, and we need you.

Dawn Academy brings together the most relevant and engaging online Teacher PD courses and coaches. Unlike face-to-face workshops, Dawn Academy is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. With even the most inspiring trainings, the glow fades quickly as teachers return to daily life. Dawn Academy incorporates consistent human interaction into PD, with peer feedback, conversation and collaboration, and on-demand coaching that keeps training personal, current, and—most importantly—actionable in the classroom.


Too many teachers report that their current PD is not relevant, not effective, and most concerning of all, not connected to their core work of helping students learn. Our catalog’s initial focus is on delivering the content teachers are asking for: Leadership and 21st Century Skills, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and STEAM. Dawn Academy connects teachers with the courses and practice they need to further develop their expertise, and continue inspiring and uplifting their students.


There’s no question that a good coach can drastically improve your experience and outcomes in any learning situation. Unfortunately, it just hasn’t been feasible to provide teachers with the coaching they need to make their PD meaningful—until now. Dawn Academy enables teachers to engage knowledgeable, caring coaches at crucial junctures. Want to be a Dawn Academy coach?


We believe that teachers’ passion and dedication should be supported and rewarded—not be taken for granted. Dawn Academy enables professional educators to take control of their PD, choose the content that meets their needs, and earn certifications that propel their careers. We believe in Personal Professional Development.

Anytime, anywhere

We’re all busy—teachers doubly or tripley so. Dawn Academy courses play on any device and sync when connected, so you can work on them anywhere, on or offline. Start a course on your phone in your dentist’s lobby and finish it later at home on your laptop.

Want to publish Teacher PD content on Dawn Academy?

Great! We want to help you make your innovative Teacher PD content available!

Easy authoring

Dawn Academy courses are built on Dawn, our custom learning platform that enables easy authoring of courses that use bite-sized video instruction, knowledge checks and interactions, projects, social learning, and collaboration. We’ll walk you through the process to get your content ready for teachers to engage.

More exposure

Make your content available to a growing audience of educators who are tired of the same old approach and are ready to take part in the future of Teacher PD.

Make Money While You Sleep

Earn income every time someone views your content and courses. More than $18 billion is spent in the US annually on Teacher PD that only ⅓ of teachers are happy with. Let’s create learning experiences and outcomes that are worthy of that investment and make a whole lot more teachers happy.

Make a difference

We are building a catalog of the most relevant and engaging online Teacher PD courses available, and we need quality, engaging, and impactful content providers to be a part of it. Partner with us to grow Dawn Academy into the Teacher PD resource that professional educators deserve.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your content, and your vision.

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