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The first ten organizations to sign up in November get a free consultation and readiness evaluation with Michael Eagar ($500 value) to help them get up and running! Eagar is an expert in developing, marketing, and launching $1 million-selling courses.


Case Study

Learn how the North Dakota State Departments of Public Instruction and Human Services and North Dakota Center for Distance Education are using Dawn to transform early childhood education PD!

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Funded by a grant from the Department of Public Instruction, the North Dakota Center for Distance Education was tasked with delivering an effective and easy PD solution to train and certify early childhood education professionals spread throughout their state, including largely rural areas. Using Dawn, they got the new program running in a matter of months and surpassed their enrollment goals by 600%!


Whether you want to publish a single course or build a marketplace of content, Dawn provides the ecommerce capabilities and brandable solution you need.

Use your expertise to create a sustainable business that lifelong learners can depend on!

Easy authoring

Our custom learning platform enables easy authoring of courses that use bite-sized video instruction, knowledge checks and interactions, projects, social learning, coaching, and collaboration. We’ll walk you through the process to get your content ready for learners to engage.

More exposure

Make your content available to a growing audience of professionals who are tired of the same old approach and are ready to take part in the future of professional development.

Make money in your sleep!

Earn income for every course enrollment. The US spends $10 billion per year on adult learning services, and more than $18 billion on Teacher PD that only ⅓ of teachers are happy with. Let’s create learning experiences and outcomes that are worthy of that investment and make a whole lot more teachers and other professionals happy.

Make a difference

Partner with us and build a catalog of the most relevant and engaging online training on a platform that anticipates the needs of today’s--and tomorrow’s--professional. With Dawn, you can create the professional development resource that educators and other professionals deserve.

Give your learners the most engaging and cutting-edge learning experience wrapped in the most convenient and easy-to-use learning app.


Mobile-first design allows for bite-sized video content on- and offline. Your learners control place, pace, time, and device!

Clean, easy interface

The clean, intuitive user experience and navigation makes the tool easy for everyone to use, and notifications help keep your learners engaged and connected while on the go.

Progress tracking and certifications

Tracking, interactions, and certifications motivate and facilitate engagement. Give your learners built-in progress tracking, learning streaks, ratings, and peer-to-peer feedback and reactions along the way.

Social collaboration

Collaboration tools support social learning. Your learners can engage with each other at any time using easily-accessible social feeds.

Interactions and checks for understanding

Discussion questions and interactions create opportunities for focused, facilitated exploration. Provide downloadable materials for supplemental learning and application.

Ask A Coach

The "Ask A Coach" feature enables your learners to get additional guidance from coaches who care at any time in the course. Coaches answer questions and review your projects before learners share with their peers.


Projects promote the demonstration of mastery through real-world application. Your learners submit projects with videos, documents, images, etc, and provide descriptions for teachers, coaches, and peers.

Peer rating and community

Opportunities to review, rate, and comment on peer contributions and projects make revision meaningful. Your learners can continue interacting with their peers beyond the course to further enhance their skills and build a thriving learning community.

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This is super easy for this audience to get … It's all about giving these students an additional opportunity and making it convenient for them.

John Struchynski Technical Director of the NDCDE

It's been very positive ... It's working well ... It's easy to sign up … They're able to navigate it easily.

Kelli Odden Associate Professor of Education, Mayville State University

Out of all the online training I have done in the last year, I think these courses have been the best yet!! Nothing bad to say.

Student in early childhood education Dawn course

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