Deliver engaging learning
experiences at scale.

Why Agilix?

In 2021, schools needed new online solutions fast, and we responded, providing the new features you needed while making sure our system stayed up, running, and responsive for our teachers and students.

In 2021, we supported:

99.98% uptime

99.76% customer satisfaction

20+ languages

200+ countries

10K+ institutions

1M+ users

10M+ enrollments

150M+ logins

The best-kept secret in the ed tech market.

With roots in the early days of online content and communities, we now deliver learning to millions of teachers and students in 20+ languages and across more than 200 countries. Agilix develops leading learning platforms such as Buzz and Dawn enabling custom, branded solutions that support various teaching styles and coaching, and can be delivered across many devices. Our LTI solution, Publish Anywhere, lets publishers distribute their content seamlessly on any LTI-supported LMS.

Before launching Agilix, our founders cut their teeth building one of the world’s largest online communities,, which provided much of the knowledge base leveraged to launch products that allow us to partner with dozens of industry-leading organizations that deliver innovative learning solutions better, faster, and more affordably than by developing homegrown solutions or licensing a traditional LMS.

Through this process our partners realize the digital transformation they need to ensure their businesses grow and that they remain relevant providers and thought leaders in the industry.

We want to partner with you.

We are looking for partners who want to:

  • Enhance existing print and/or digital products with modern online learning components.
  • Replace outdated and inflexible licensed platforms with a flexible, easy-to-manage and modern learning environment.
  • Get to market with a new idea in a matter of months, instead of years.

Let’s talk!

We can provide demo accounts, help you launch a pilot, or meet to start planning the right balance of content migration, tool integration, differentiation, and customization.

Let’s evaluate your needs, so we can execute, evaluate, and grow together.