xLi Platform

Build Amazing Learning Products on xLi.  Quickly.  Affordably. Reliably.

The Agilix Extensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi) is a modular framework for developing learning technology products. The xLi architecture consists of more than 250 Web Services interfaces and 50 User Interface components that can be combined in various ways to produce a broad range of compelling interactive educational applications.  It’s a tried and true model that provides 80% of the functionality shared by all learning tools, freeing you to focus your creative time on the 20% that is unique to your application.

Using your in-house team of programmers, outsourced coders or Agilix’ world-class IdeaWorks team of experts, you can build learning applications in months, not years. That’s because creating an interactive learning product on top of xLi only requires you to design and build the user interface. That’s what sets your product apart from your competitors. And that’s what your customers see, touch, use and evaluate. It’s the 20% that makes the difference.

xLi’s robust API, hosted infrastructure, documentation and support ensure that you get to market quickly with a custom solution that you know will work as needed and scale to meet your customers’ demands.

xLi beats building your own product from scratch in:

  • Cost – Focus your budget and resources on the most important 20% of your product

  • Time to market – With 80% of your product already built, tested and ready to deploy, xLi saves months off of your development time

  • Guaranteed reliability – xLi has millions of user-testing hours behind it -

xLi trumps buying other companies’ off-the-shelf solutions by providing:

  • Flexibility – You can customize 100% of your customer’s user experience.

  • Openness – Your app will fit with whatever technologies your customers are already using.

  • Control – You are never at the mercy of Agilix because we follow standards in the framework and give you total control of the interface.

xLi is tried and proven. Agilix and its Partners have already delivered dozens of innovative teaching and learning applications built on xLi. These applications include: BrainHoney®, an easy-to-use Learning Management System; Buzz, a Personalized Learning Platform developed for the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan; and Pearson’s Gradpoint™, a blended, virtual and online credit recovery program.

When you face the build-or-buy decision, you can now add a third option: xLi.