The customization and control of a homegrown application.

The stability and support of an enterprise solution.

One next-generation learning platform.

youbuzzIt’s better on Buzz.

Our Vision

We Power Innovation

Buzz isn’t just another LMS with more features.

It’s a learning platform that supports various types of content, facilitates educator and learner collaboration, and creates space for personalized learning models (including blended, project-based, mastery- and competency-based, and virtual).


Buzz is: 

  • Learner-centered

  • Teacher-guided

  • Mentor-supported

  • Community-oriented

  • Outcomes-aligned

  • Administrator-aware

We Empower Partners

Our partners and their customers have unique needs.

Whether you need to supplement or replace a print product with digital, migrate a product from an outdated platform, or launch a new solution, we provide a flexible path to digital transformation based on your current readiness and timeline.


Buzz lets partners:

  • White label Buzz with their brand.

  • Easily migrate content from old platforms.

  • Integrate other systems with Buzz APIs.

  • Customize using Buzz’s modular design.

  • Develop licensing plans to fit their business.

  • Get to market faster.

Our Partner Model

You have a great idea.

You are focused on the unique content, learning model, and innovations that make your solution valuable to your customers.

Your customers need a great solution.

Your customers want learning solutions that address their learners’ needs and leverage technologies they’ve embraced and invested in.

Buzz brings you together.

We collaborate with our partners to get their great ideas integrated and realized.


We’re faster-to-market, more affordable, and more efficient than building a new platform or licensing a traditional LMS.

Our Platform

Keep Content Current

Our derivative course copies automatically inherit changes made to their upline courses, so you only have to make changes once to keep all of your content current. 


Personalize Student Learning

Buzz facilitates easy intervention with students who need additional help or addtional challenges. Formative assessments, individualized tasks, student-choice activities, and extensive grouping options provide learners with the learning experience they need. 


Easily Onboard

The Buzz platform is designed to get you up and running quickly with a unique solution. Content migration, tool integration, branding, and user setup is part of the package.

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