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Dawn has changed the trajectory of my career. I’ve been working with online platforms for a number of years now and with Dawn I’ve been able to consolidate all my platforms for a streamlined experience for me and the client. Saves a ton of time. Dawn has done all the work for me to be successful.

Vanessa Soloman
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  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • PD Training
  • Teachers

What is Dawn and why is it right for me?

I spent the last year trying everything to get my coaching business up and going. I was so confused trying to make it all work. Dawn has put it all in one place and made it easy.

Steph Barton

We understand what YOU need to build an online coaching business

Dawn offers a holistic approach to starting your business online.


Be sure to check out testimonials from people just like you who have been wildly successful using Dawn. What are you waiting for, start today!

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Setup your business

  • Fast and easy site creation
  • Customizable branding elements
  • Customizable URL
  • Editable user agreements, policies and email templates
  • Quick resource and content uploads
  • Easy workflows for coaches and authors

Grow your business

  • One-time and subscription purchase options
  • Couponing for discounts
  • Marketing tools, like Google Analytics
  • Multiple languages and currencies for global markets
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Manage your business

  • Easy to use admin dashboard to add and manage:
    • Authors
    • Coaches
    • Learners
    • Enrollments
  • Monthly billing reports

Learner benefits

The Dawn Learning Experience is the mobile-first solution for a world full of lifelong learners.

  • View bite-sized video content and complete courses on any mobile device, on- and offline
  • Get the best social learning possible with discussions, social feeds, and peer feedback on projects
  • Access your expert coaching through ongoing conversations, asking questions, scheduling live sessions and specific project feedback
  • Earn certifications and share them on social media to celebrate their success
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Coaching tools

Dawn revolutionizes the online coaching space.

  • Use the at-a-glance coach dashboard to quickly manage:
    • Projects that are ready for review
    • Unanswered course questions
    • Learners who need intervention
  • Manage upcoming scheduled sessions with learners
  • Group learners in cohorts for better peer collaboration

Content authoring tools

Dawn makes authoring your content easy, effective and dynamic.

  • Upload videos and generate transcripts
  • Add interactions, discussions, and mastery checks to videos, or as standalone content
  • Create projects to authentically evaluate your learners
  • Embed YouTube content and TinCan/xAPI packages
  • Setup criteria for learner mastery
  • Create optional completion certificates
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RISK-FREE pricing

Get started for free. Then, only pay for what you use as you grow.

No-risk features

FREE to create your site
FREE to create 1 catalog entry
FREE to try with up to 10 learner enrollments
FREE to use coaching dashboard and messaging

Pay-as-you-go features *credit card required

$5 per enrollment
If you charge $100, you make $95
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$1 per month per active subscription after the first month
If you charge $25/month you make $20/month the first month and $24/month every month after
$20 per month per schedulable coach
Schedule learner-to-coach or coach-to-group sessions
Watch video
$1 per month per 1GB of storage
1 hour of video is approximately 2GB
$25 per month for site languages other than English

Why we love Dawn!

I spent the last year trying everything to get my coaching business up and going. I was so confused trying to make it all work. Dawn has put it all in one place and made it easy.

Steph Barton Watch video

A platform like Dawn allows us to continue learning socially and supporting each other.

Angela Wineland Watch video

Teachflow was a labor of love that we pulled together, because we really wanted to prove a platform that teachers can use easily, effectively and scale with their students and peers.

Alex Urrea Watch video

I believe there is nothing more important in business than learning to be a great coach.

Michael Simpson Watch video

Start your business today

Here's what you can expect
  1. Click on the "Start my online business today" link below. Complete the short form and we do the work for you. In minutes you have your own online business site.
  2. Once in your site, you can fill out your billing information and add a credit card. Don't worry, you only get charged for the services you use.
  3. You can brand your site or start adding content. Either way, you are on your way to growing your business!

If you still need help, or have additional questions, contact us.