Agilix: The company fueling the revolution.

Agilix is a group of technology geeks who genuinely care about students, teachers and parents. For years, our technology solutions have fueled the success of education giants like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson Education. Having successfully and repeatedly unleashed the power of technology to connect and inspire people, our company is now transforming the classroom experience in the age of blended education.

A software solution for teachers, administrators and — most importantly — students.

Our next-generation solution — Agilix Buzz™— is the product of our desire to fully empower both sides of the classroom dynamic. It speaks “student” to students and talks “teacher” to teachers, enabling both to fulfill their potential as learners and educators. This takes place through extensive assessment capabilities which give both teachers and students a real-time picture of the child’s progress and a clear path to achievement. Aligned with school-specific curriculum standards and supplemented with a digital content library, Buzz moves learning forward.

Our partnerships

Agilix is working with some major players in education and technology. Our advisers include Heather Staker, The Clayton Christensen Institute Fellow, Harvard MBA, and author of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools as well as Tom Van der Ark, CEO of Getting Smart and author of Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World. Our corporate and non-profit partners include New Tech Network, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Mawi Learning, Lincoln Learning, Florida Virtual School and many, many more.

Agilix history

About ten years ago, a group of technology pioneers ran headlong into the limitations of the classroom education system with its one-size-fits-all approaches and support for teachers that fell far short of the expectations thrust upon them. Having spent years leveraging and pioneering technology to create and continuously improve one of the Web’s most-visited and data-intensive sites, these leaders banded together to form Agilix.

In the years that followed, they created a number of highly sought-after technology products for major education publishers. (You may be familiar with Pearson’s GradPoint which is currently helping more than a million students in tens of thousands of schools fulfill their academic potential.) Their success in creating personalized learning solutions inspired them to create the next-generation Learning Management System (LMS).

While driving the evolution of learning technology, the Agilix team had seen the widening gap between high teacher expectations and inadequate support for them. Digging further into the K-12 classroom dynamic, they discovered that traditional Learning Management Systems were really only attacking half the problem: teacher time & data management. They decided to enhance the student side of the equation.

Agilix dove headlong into a research project, devoting significant time to conversations with teachers, administrators and parents as well as classroom visits to gauge how children were engaging with curriculum. From those insights, Buzz was born.

Agilix will not relent until teachers and students are fully equipped to succeed in the dynamic, blended learning environment. By making the most of every minute in the classroom and beyond, Buzz will make empowered education the norm and achievement the order of the day.

The team behind the revolution

Curt Allen, CEO

Curt could work just about anywhere (and practically has) based on his success as a serial entrepreneur and leader of great teams. As a husband and father of five, he clearly loves kids and believes technology can make the world a better place when it’s combined with innovative teaching and learning models. Curt’s passion for education and its power to help children achieve their maximum potential has borne fruit in the form of innovative learning programs that have positively affected millions of lives throughout the U.S., China, Africa and Latin America. Prior to Agilix, Curt was the CEO of and Folio Corporation. Curt and his wife consider themselves truly blessed to watch their children grow and develop in their own unique and amazing ways.

Brian Cropper, CFO

Brian is a numbers guy who believes in the power of K-12 education to change the world. A relentless learner himself, he has built a career in the technology sector on his keen eye for hidden value and knack for raising capital. His strong grasp of finance fundamentals and corporate strategy was honed in a variety of sectors including retail (Macy’s), outdoors (American Skiing Company) and online platforms (Mozy, Cerberian, etc.). His diligent stewardship of Agilix resources ensures maximum return on investment for our customers as we deliver a best-in class user experience.

Dave McGinn, COO

While he is rumored to secretly fear mosquitoes, Dave is fearless when it comes to making the decisions that strengthen a company for the long haul. Working from his belief that education is the pathway to prosperity for children around the world, David has devoted himself to the Agilix model so that quality teaching can be complemented by an empowered student body. His embrace of the blended learning concept and its respect for each individual’s uniqueness aligns well with his approach to building and guiding teams with clear goals, high expectations and honest accountability. Dave and his people get things done.

Alison Romike, VP Marketing

Alison began her marketing career in the publishing business, working with Pearson Education then moved into digital publishing working with everyone from Amazon to Zondervan. From there she took over the account management department at San Antonio ad agency Toolbox, working on accounts such as The USAA Educational Foundation and Alamo Beer. Today she plies her dark marketing arts at Agilix Labs. When she’s not leading the charge to revolutionize the classroom with state of the art learning tools, you’ll find her in the free-weight section, perfecting her dead lift.

Mark Wolfgramm, VP Software Development

Born into a family of educators, Mark truly believes that the most significant of all professions is teacher. For more than 25 years, he has worked on the cutting edge of technology, leading software teams in creating elegant solutions which delight users. Prior to Agilix, Mark co-founded Folio, an early innovator in search and digital publishing, and was a chief architect at He co-founded Agilix as a way to conscript the massive power of technology to serve the highest ideals of education and, ultimately, make the world a better place.