Personalized Learning Solution from Agilix Empowers Students

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 18, 2015   FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Alison Romike,       Personalized Learning Solution from Agilix Empowers Students Buzz, a game-changing learning solution hits classrooms across the country Orem, UT – Agilix Labs, Inc. today launched a next-generation personalized and blended learning solution called Buzz that makes teaching exciting again as it improves student relationships and outcomes. Buzz provides a friendly, modern design that addresses needs unique to K-12.  Focused on student ownership and collaboration, Buzz enables authentic learning experiences and strengthens 21st century skills so students can advance at a pace suited to their interests and abilities. Buzz is designed to engage with educators and bridge the gap to successful outcomes in next-generation learning models – enabling the move from traditional classroom instruction to personalized, blended, competency-based and project-based learning to scale effortlessly within mainstream education. “Teachers are the foundation of our country’s education system and they deserve quality tools to help them keep up with ever-increasing expectations,” said Curt Allen, CEO of Orem-based Agilix. “Buzz is going [...]