Agilix Ideaworks

Let Our IdeaWorks Geniuses Put the Polish on Your Product

While the xLi platform provides 80% of your educational technology solution, the remaining 20% – the user experience –  is crucial to your success. This is the 20% that your customer touches. These touchpoints are often the only key differentiator between products, so you need to get it right to beat your competition.

To complete your project in a timely, affordable and highly professional way, you can use your own team of designers and developers and let Agilix train them, OR you can hire our IdeaWorks team to build your product for you.

The IdeaWorks team gives you a unique combination of world-class graphic designers, user experience designers, academic experts, and software development teams.  You’ll also be hiring the team with the most xLi experience and knowledge on the planet: our own in-house experts.

Working closely with your product development teams, our award-winning designers, developers and project managers can ensure that you produce the most aesthetic, functional and usable learning technology product possible.

The IdeaWorks team uses a time-tested process that ensures you get the most compelling product on schedule and within budget.

When you hire Agilix’ IdeaWorks group, you can generally expect that your learning technology product will be completed within 4-18 months, depending on their complexity. Given that such products often enjoy a 3-10-year lifecycle, this is a very effective way to spend your product development resources.

In addition to the design and development team support of IdeaWorks, we can also provide you with support, hosting and maintenance to suit your needs and those of your customers.

Contact us today about a free estimate to combine the power of Agilix xLi with the experience and creativity of the IdeaWorks team to get your learning technology product market-ready affordably and in record time.


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