xLi Platform

The Agilix eXtensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi) is a modular framework for developing learning technology products. The xLi architecture consists of more than 250 Web Services interfaces and 50 User Interface components that can be combined in various ways to produce a broad range of compelling interactive educational applications.  It’s a tried and true model that provides 80% of the functionality shared by all learning tools, freeing you to focus your creative time on the 20% that is unique to your application.

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The Buzz Personalized Learning solution, built on the Agilix eXtensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi), provides a personalized learning environment for all subjects and all students. With Buzz, students are able to learn at their own pace with a more flexible curriculum in line with their specific needs, elevating engagement levels and ultimately boosting comprehension and success. Teachers guide students through the learning process and can provide individual, group, and whole class instruction and intervention quickly and effectively.

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BrainHoney is an award-winning LMS built on the Agilix eXtensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi). BrainHoney provides teachers with actionable real-time insight into how they can help every student succeed.  BrainHoney highlights the “critical students” who need help now and a “prioritized to-do list” for teachers that lists the actions they should take to help their students succeed.

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